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Starter Set - 50 Servings

Starter Set - 50 Servings

50 servings in packs of 5 delicious & invigorating Raspberry, Orange, Grapefruit, Peach & Cherry flavoured energy drinks

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  • 80MG CGAS

Our Guayusa

Guayusa, which is found in the Amazon rainforest and is the cousin of Yerba Mate, is loaded with slow-release caffeine and anti-oxidants (3x that of green tea), but what makes it unique is the way it makes you feel.

Traditional energy drinks & coffee will spike your adrenaline, which causes the fight or flight response leading you to feel anxious, stressed & jittery and always ends with a crash.

The Guayusa in Watt Water helps regulate this adrenal response through its unique blend of flavanols and other good stuff which leads to a longer (4-6 hours), more balanced and euphoric feeling of energy and no crash.

Our Bottles

Crafted from resilient borosilicate glass, renowned for its strength and acid resistance, ensuring both robustness and safety.

Our bottles are 100% eco-friendly, aligning with your health and environmental values. Plus, each bottle comes with a thermal sleeve for extra coldness and protection. Choose from Black, Blue, and White options to match your style perfectly.

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We ship everywhere in the Europe (EU & non-EU countries), United Kingdom, United States, Australia, and practically everywhere else in the world. Once dispatched, we expect 3-5 day delivery worldwide.

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We offer a 30-day money back satisfaction guarantee up to 1 pack per flavour for your first order, no questions asked (other than to understand what you disliked about our product so we can improve).

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    Get Some Water

    Add 500ml/ 16oz of still or sparkling water

  • Animation of cube dropping into bottle

    Drop a Watt Cube

    Let the cube dissolve completely

  • Animation of bottle and 5 stars

    Enjoy A Tasty Drink

    Best served with ice

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4-6 hour natural energy from Guayusa.


4-6 hour natural energy from Guayusa.

Great value for money


Just €0.95 per serving for 90 servings.

0 sugar/ calories, full of vitamins and electrolytes.


0 sugar, 0 calories, full of vitamins & electrolytes.

We guarantee you'll love our flavours.


We guarantee you'll love our flavours.

Mix flavours without paying extra.


Mix flavours even when buying bulk.

Small and portable even at bulk prices.


Small & portable even at bulk prices.

Customer Reviews

Based on 53 reviews
Mark S.
Best flavour

My favourite flavour gave different flavours to just ordinary water

Eva K. (Tallinn, 37, EE)
A nice drink but not as fancy as they make it seem

I don't see the advertised vitamins (except C) or electrolytes anywhere on the packs. The package comes super minimalistic, not even a little paper note or slip saying "Hi, thanks, this is what you got and how you can use it". (Even though the instructions are on the backs of each packs).
Stuff takes around 8 min to dissolve but that is ok.
The grapefruit taste is indistinguishable from the orange... And the peach is a bit artificial, well they all are.
If you want a proper hit, use two tablets - but then this is not actually cheaper than Monster anymore.
It is WAY friendlier to the environment though so I like that. I also like that this is very easy to transport - however I work from home office so I don't benefit from this.
I really like that it is at least calorie free tho!

I'd be happier if:
-another sweeter would be used
-the vitamins were actually there
-we would have some cooler tastes such as guava, elderflower, black currant, cantaloupe for example. It's all artificial anyway, so should be doable.
-it was a bit cheaper so I actually feel I protected my wallet compared to buying store energy drink cans, even after shipping

Vicki C. (Corby, ENG, GB)
Great taste!

This great set has helped me drink more water without adding extra calories!
Enjoying the range of flavours and will be ordering more 😊

A.L. (Ostrava, 80, CZ)
Easy to use, good boost, sweeter than expected

The drinks themselves are very easy to prepare, they give a good boost of energy without the severe caffeine-induced anxiety spells. Taste a bit too sweet, though. Loved the raspberry one, that was the best for me.

Brady (Madrid, MD, ES)
Great energy

Great cherry flavour, long energy =)




How does Guayusa contribute to Watt Water's energy effects?

Guayusa has unique benefits. Unlike caffeine on its own, guayusa provides sustained energy without jitters or crashes thanks to its unique chlorogenic acid profile which enables a gradual caffeine release, promoting lasting smoother, sustained energy and focus.

Serotonin (the "happy hormone") is elevated to levels that are 2-3x higher than those from coffee. Higher serotonin levels can positively influence decision-making by improving mood, reducing stress, enhancing cognitive function, boosting confidence, regulating emotions, and facilitating better social behaviour, all leading to better choices.

What makes Watt Water eco-friendly?

A dry cube format, rather than shipping cans or bottles, is ultimately more energy efficient due primarily to size and number of drinks that are in a pack. Think of it this way: while it takes 1 truck to transport a million Watt Water drinks, you need 58 trucks to transport the same amount of canned energy drinks. That's 58 times more CO2 emissions. Also, though cans themselves aren't made of plastic, plastic is wrapped around each shipping pallet and each individual 12-can tray when transported to stores or warehouses.

As a result, using cubes like this leads to 98% reduction in CO2 emissions and 99% reduction in plastic.

Our Guayusa is organically farmed and fair trade. Our packaging is a single material plastic that can be recycled an unlimited amount of times.

Is it really sugar-free and without calories?

Absolutely! Watt Water is completely sugar-free and has zero calories. We understand the importance of offering a healthier hydration option, and that's why we've crafted Watt Water to provide the refreshing taste you love without any added sugars or unwanted calories. Our focus is on delivering a clean and pure hydration experience that aligns with your health and wellness goals.

How will my subscription work?

Choose your flavour, your frequency and cancel at anytime.

Do you ship to my country?

We ship worldwide from the UK to several countries across continents - Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Africa & Oceania.

For the EU, we use the IOSS programme which means we prepay customs so you don't have to!

To see the exact list of countries we ship to, see our shipping policy.

How is it so affordable?

We are made as a more economical & healthier at-home (and simultaneously on-the-go) alternative for people who love their daily energy drinks or coffee.

Because we don't use cans we avoid a lot of costs & overheads, which means that we can put all our energy and funding into sourcing the best possible ingredients and flavours.