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Peach Blitz - 90 Servings
Eva K. (Tallinn, 37, EE)
A nice drink but not as fancy as they make it seem

I don't see the advertised vitamins (except C) or electrolytes anywhere on the packs. The package comes super minimalistic, not even a little paper note or slip saying "Hi, thanks, this is what you got and how you can use it". (Even though the instructions are on the backs of each packs).
Stuff takes around 8 min to dissolve but that is ok.
The grapefruit taste is indistinguishable from the orange... And the peach is a bit artificial, well they all are.
If you want a proper hit, use two tablets - but then this is not actually cheaper than Monster anymore.
It is WAY friendlier to the environment though so I like that. I also like that this is very easy to transport - however I work from home office so I don't benefit from this.
I really like that it is at least calorie free tho!

I'd be happier if:
-another sweeter would be used
-the vitamins were actually there
-we would have some cooler tastes such as guava, elderflower, black currant, cantaloupe for example. It's all artificial anyway, so should be doable.
-it was a bit cheaper so I actually feel I protected my wallet compared to buying store energy drink cans, even after shipping

Starter Set - 50 Servings
Vicki C. (Corby, ENG, GB)
Great taste!

This great set has helped me drink more water without adding extra calories!
Enjoying the range of flavours and will be ordering more 😊

Starter Set - 50 Servings
A.L. (Ostrava, 80, CZ)
Easy to use, good boost, sweeter than expected

The drinks themselves are very easy to prepare, they give a good boost of energy without the severe caffeine-induced anxiety spells. Taste a bit too sweet, though. Loved the raspberry one, that was the best for me.

Starter Set - 50 Servings
Brady (Madrid, MD, ES)
Great energy

Great cherry flavour, long energy =)

Starter Set - 50 Servings
Márton K. (Dunakeszi, PE, HU)
Amazing pack

Reasonable price and good selection, you can find which flavor is the best for you!

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Tom J. (St. Julian's, 48, MT)
Love it.

Its really tasty, gives you a nice clean energy boost and clear headedness. Much preferred to alternatives. I really recommend you give it a go. Making another order now!

Raspberry Rapids - 25 Servings
Robert H. (Birmingham, ENG, GB)
Very refreshing

These tabs are great! Add to water and they give great taste and gives natural energy.

Starter Set - 50 Servings
Quentin V. (Brussels, BRU, BE)

Top every taste is great

Cherry Charge - 25 Servings
Angelica (Skövde, O, SE)
Really good and surprisingly tasty

It was really good, I find it to taste just like a non fuzzy energy drink. Which it is. Really sweet taste and a good semi natural taste of cherry, not that overly sickly sweet cherry flavor most products have. I was quite surprised when it arrived in 5 serving packs with a total of five each in side. Might have been something I missed in the description.

Starter Set - 50 Servings
Tilen J. (Domžale, 023, SI)
So far so good

Got my order in a few days back. So far I like it. Havent gotten all the flavours open yet but I suspect they will be good. My only problem is with the water bottle. The lid broke as soon as I opened it for the 1st time.

TL;DR Good product. Do recommend.

Starter Set - 50 Servings
Michael H. (Stoke-on-Trent, ENG, GB)

I absolutely love these, I hate energy drinks and these do not taste like energy drinks or have the negative effects. They taste like amazing flavoursome juice and I am drinking more water because of them.

Starter Set - 50 Servings
Antons A. (Riga, RIX, LV)

Tried 2 flavours for now: raspberry and pomegranate. For me it is very sweet. I am not a sweet fan, so 500ml of water is too sweet. 1 liter is better but still taste weird.

Starter Set - 50 Servings
A.T. (Riga, RIX, LV)
Great alternative to energy drinks.

I work in medicine. My best friends during night shifts have always been energy drinks. Although I understand the negative health effects they have on my body in the long run, I could never find any alternative to keep me awake. Because I don’t drink coffee, Watt Water was a breath of fresh air in terms of energy supply - keep me awake, are tasty and provide a healthier alternative to energy drinks.

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Anonymous (Riga, RIX, LV)

Great alternative to coffee in hot weather. I can drink it slow, all day long, hydrate and feel motivated and energetic!

Starter Set - 50 Servings
Ilias L. (Frankenthal, RP, DE)
Nice drink

Loved it

Starter Set - 50 Servings
R.B. (Vaasa, 12, FI)

Nice to get one of every flavours

Starter Set - 50 Servings
Aaron T. (Exeter, ENG, GB)
Absolutely amazing

I was sceptical at first but these are now my go too. I was looking for a cheaper option to energy drinks and these are ideal. Easy to store and the resealable bags means you can swap between multiple flavours. Flavours aren't overpowering so it's a very enjoyable drink. Can't fault the product at all


It’s a great investment a healthier way to boost your day

Starter Set - 50 Servings
Michele F. (Mafra, 11, PT)
So good!!

Delicious flavours and love the effect, doesn't give me jitters or crash!

Orange Overload - 40 Servings
Jeronimo G. (Sydney, NSW, AU)
Delicious organge drinks!

These 40 servings pack is a great bang for the buck. So many fresh delicious pick me up drinks to have during work, workouts or just because. Recommended!

Tastes great, no jitters. Quality product

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Sarah M. (Glasgow, SCT, GB)

I’ve managed to completely cut monster with this. I fill a 1.5l bottle with two drops (I love mixing peach and raspberry) and I drink it throughout the day. Or some mornings I’ll just do 500ml with one drop and drink it with breakfast. There’s no crash or jittery come downs. I’ve recommended it to loads of people

Starter Set - 50 Servings
Laura L. (Preddvor, 095, SI)
Tasty and gives a boost!

So far I haven't tried all 5 flavors but have enjoyed the peach, raspberry and cherry. The grapefruit wasn't my favorite. I do prefer them with sparkling water but they do take quite some time to dissolve(not sure if because of sparkling water or in general. Energy wise, haven't been drinking them for long enough to really tell how much energy it gives me, however I have definetly noticed there isn't a crash. Would love some more flavor options(lime, strawberry, blueberry, pineapple etc.). Will be buying more!

Starter Set - 50 Servings
gemma p. (Croydon, ENG, GB)
Delicious and healthy way of getting an energy boost!

I’ve been worried about the health effects of common high street energy drinks and watt water has provided a great soloution. They are also far more tasty than other healthy energy drinks.

Orange Overload - 40 Servings
Anthony M. (Philadelphia, PA, US)
Works great

Taste great! takes a couple of minutes to dissolve, but you don't really have to stir it! Only thing I wish is there was more caffeine