Our Story

We founded Watt Water with the aim of creating a better energy drink for everyday performance. What do we mean by everyday performance? Well, just like us, you probably partake in a wide range of activities. You're not a motocross stuntman or professional snowboarder (well, you may be), but you have your sports, fitness routines, hobbies, and work - all of which require you to perform both physically and mentally.

After drinking coffee and energy drinks most of our adult life just to get jittery and hyper (which was great for the gym before work, but not so great for an hour later when sat at the office desk), we came across the exceedingly better energy source called Guayusa. Packed with health benefits, a slower and longer energising effect without jitters or crash, an uplifting 'happy' feeling and even weight loss benefits, it fit our lifestyles perfectly.

But we didn't want to carry tubs of Guayusa everywhere, or shove it in a bunch of cans, so we thought - why not a cube? That way we can always keep it with us, and as long as we can find some water we have our energy drink, and it helps us drink more water while we're at it. Everyday performance for everyday use, anywhere, anytime.

And so Watt Water was born. As luck had it, as avid outdoorsmen who love ocean & outdoor sports and nature we also care about the environment. What better way to save on plastic and CO2 emissions than miniaturising your drink?

We hope you love it as much as we do, and that it helps your everyday as much as it does ours!

Norman & Vas