Guayusa - a better alternative to Green Tea

Discover the rich world of South American caffeinated infusions as we delve into the unique qualities of Guayusa, highlighting why it stands out as a superior choice compared to Green Tea.

Guayusa vs. Green Tea

GuayusaWatt Water Green TeaWatt Water
Caffeine Content (mg) 90mg per 240 ml serving 30mg per 240ml
Antioxidant Levels (ORAC) 154,000 per 100g 62,000 per 100g
Theobromine Content (mg) 5-15mg per 240ml Negligible
L-Theanine Content Yes Yes
Polyphenol levels High Low
Flavanols Yes Yes
Chlorogenic Acids 26.5mg/g Negligible
Energy Effect Smooth & Sustained, Feel Good & Uplifting Jitters & Crash
  • Natural Caffeine

    Natural, slow-release caffeine each cube contains 80mg

  • L-Theanine

    Protects & repairs the brain & promotes relaxation

  • Theobromine

    Anti-inflammatory that reduces blood pressure & aid a blissful mood

  • Vitamins

    Vitamin A, C, D, B2 (Riboflavin), pyridoxine, nicotinic acid (vitamin B3), folate (B9)

  • Minerals

    Magnesium, manganese, sodium, potassium, zinc, chromium, calcium & iron

  • Flavanols

    Polyphenols, Flavanoids, Saponins & Catechins which slow ageing, reduce cholesterol, lower risk of cancer & boost bone strength & immune system

  • Anti-oxidants

    3x the level of antioxidants of green tea, incl. EGCGs, the compound found to boost metabolism and help the body burn more calories

  • Amino acids

    19 out of a total of 20 existing essential and non-essential amino-acids

  • Chlorogenic acids

    80mgs per cube - linked to reduced blood pressure, weight loss, lower blood sugar levels and helps improve mood

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In the realm of caffeinated beverages, Guayusa and Green Tea stand out as compelling options, each with its unique qualities. Guayusa, originating from the Amazon rainforest, holds its own against the world-famous Green Tea, and in many ways, it surpasses it.

First and foremost, both Guayusa and Green Tea share the common trait of caffeine content. They provide the much-needed energy boost to kickstart your day or keep you alert. However, Guayusa distinguishes itself by offering a gentler, sustained lift of energy without the jitters or the abrupt crashes commonly associated with Green Tea.

One of Guayusa's significant advantages lies in its smooth, naturally sweet flavor. Unlike Green Tea, which can sometimes be bitter or astringent, Guayusa delights the palate with its pleasant taste. It doesn't require the addition of sweeteners to be enjoyable, making it a healthier and more flavorful choice.

Guayusa is also unique in its composition, rich in antioxidants and essential amino acids. Notably, Guayusa boasts 3x the antioxidant levels of Green Tea, making it a powerful choice for those seeking health benefits. These antioxidants contribute to a longer-lasting, jitter-free energy boost, setting it apart from Green Tea. It doesn't just provide wakefulness; it promotes overall well-being.

Furthermore, Guayusa has a rich cultural history among indigenous communities in the Amazon. It's been used for centuries as a source of mental clarity, focus, and sustainable energy. Green Tea, while also steeped in tradition, may not offer the same holistic, healthful experience as Guayusa.

In summary, while both Guayusa and Green Tea have their merits, Guayusa excels in providing sustained, smooth energy, a naturally sweet flavor, and a remarkable threefold advantage in antioxidants. Its rich cultural heritage and balanced caffeine release make it a standout choice for those seeking a better alternative to Green Tea.

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Flexible dosage

Control dose & flavour by choosing how much water to drop the cube in.

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Drink more water

Using a cube in your own water will keep you hydrated and healthy.

Drink it for the taste

Carbonation or no carbonation - we leave it up to you.

  • Animation of water pouring into bottle

    Get Some Water

    Add 500ml/ 16oz of still or sparkling water

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    Drop a Watt Cube

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    Enjoy A Tasty Drink

    Best served with ice

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What is Watt Water?

Watt Water is an energy drink that comes in a cube format which, when added to water, transforms into a delicious energy drink. It's designed to provide sustained energy and focus. Its active ingredient is Guayusa which provides a smooth & natural energy experience without the jitters and crashes of traditional energy drinks.

How does Guayusa contribute to Watt Water's energy effects?

Guayusa has unique benefits. Unlike caffeine on its own, guayusa provides sustained energy without jitters or crashes thanks to its unique chlorogenic acid profile which enables a gradual caffeine release, promoting lasting smoother, sustained energy and focus.

Serotonin (the "happy hormone") is elevated to levels that are 2-3x higher than those from coffee. Higher serotonin levels can positively influence decision-making by improving mood, reducing stress, enhancing cognitive function, boosting confidence, regulating emotions, and facilitating better social behaviour, all leading to better choices.

What makes Watt Water eco-friendly?

A dry cube format, rather than shipping cans or bottles, is ultimately more energy efficient due primarily to size and number of drinks that are in a pack. Think of it this way: while it takes 1 truck to transport a million Watt Water drinks, you need 20 trucks to transport the same amount of canned energy drinks. That's 20 times more CO2 emissions. Also, though cans themselves aren't made of plastic, plastic is wrapped around each shipping pallet and each individual 12-can tray when transported to stores or warehouses.

As a result, using cubes like this leads to 81% reduction in CO2 emissions and >95% reduction in plastic (during transportation), or >99% reduction if compared to drinks that use plastic bottles.

Our Guayusa is organically farmed and fair trade. Our packaging is a single material plastic that can be recycled an unlimited amount of times.

Is it really sugar-free and without calories?

Absolutely! Watt Water is completely sugar-free and has zero calories. We understand the importance of offering a healthier hydration option, and that's why we've crafted Watt Water to provide the refreshing taste you love without any added sugars or unwanted calories. Our focus is on delivering a clean and pure hydration experience that aligns with your health and wellness goals.

How will my subscription work?

Choose your flavour, your frequency and cancel at anytime.

Do you ship to my country?

We ship worldwide to several countries across continents - Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Africa & Oceania.

To see the exact list of countries we ship to, see our shipping policy.

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