Revolutionary Design: Creating a Pioneering Beverage - Watt Water

Revolutionary Design: Creating a Pioneering Beverage

Innovative Concept 

Watt Water® has been engineered based on the results of latest market, consumer and scientific research. Our flavourful drinks are made by dropping one of our effervescent cubes into water, letting them dissolve naturally. Our compact cubes are scientifically engineered to pack a powerful punch. Our cubes come in many different flavours that provide lasting energizing and hydrating effects. Practical and certified safe, our cubes are uniquely designed to provide an alternative to existing bottled drinks and powdered tubs. 

Format and Process

Watt Water® drinks are made by dropping a cube into water. Our cubes are engineered to help consumers enjoy an flavourful, energizing drink in minutes. Each cube weighs on average 2.5g, making it lightweight for transportation. Whether at home, school or work, Watt Water® cubes present an ideal solution for use on the go. Due to its compact size (14x14x10 millimetres), each cube fits effortlessly through most commercial water bottles, glasses and cups. Our cube takes only 5 minutes to dissolve once in contact with water, transforming your water into an energizing drink. Our dissolving cubes ensure freshness, extra potency and a longer shelf life than traditional bottled beverages.

Practical Alternative 

Watt Water® is designed as a practical alternative to existing bottled beverages. Bottled drinks are heavy and bulky, they are challenging to transport t long distances to school or work. Watt Water® allows consumers to travel light, by simply transporting a cube and dropping it into water. The dry format of our cubes guarantees no more spilled liquids during transportation. Our cubes also provide a useful alternative to drinks sold in powder form, which have to be scooped out of tubs and mixed or stirred into water. Watt Water® ensures that consumers no longer need to clean up the mess caused by spilled powders, while the naturally dissolving cubes no longer require customers to shake or stir their drinks. 

Value for Money

Our drinks are a tasty, cheaper alternative to existing bottled beverages. Each cube of Watt Water® costs just €1.50. One cube is designed to dilute in 500ml (16.9oz) of water, giving customers the possibility of enjoying a flavourful energizing beverage for only €0.30 per 100ml (3.38oz). 

Taste the Shape 

Our cube shape is designed based on growing scientific research suggesting people match shapes with tastes. Modern research has revealed that consumers associate round shapes with a sickly sweet taste. Meanwhile, angular shapes such as cubes are perceived by the brain as having more complex flavours, such as bitterness, saltiness, sourness and even spiciness. Other existing research has revealed that angularity of a tablet is linked with a perceived energizing effect, while roundness is associated with a calming effect on the body. Our Watt Water® cubes have been chosen to enhance our diverse flavour profiles while maximising their perceived energizing effects on the human brain.

Encouraging Hydration  

Watt Water® aims to encourage hydration. Scientists recommend consuming approximately 2 litres (half a gallon) of water per day. Maintaining proper hydration levels offers several benefits, including supporting the proper function of cells, blood, tissues and organs of the human body. However, existing research suggests that we remain chronically underhydrated. Dehydration can lead to numerous health concerns, from affecting brain, kidney and heart health. Dehydration also reduces physical and cognitive performance. Watt Water® cubes provide a flavourful option to enhance the hydrating impact of water. 

Healthy Alternative

Watt Water® contains a unique blend of different compounds that help contribute to better energy, alertness and endurance. Watt Water® drinks contains no preservatives, zero sugar and zero calories. Each drink contains Vitamin C and added electrolytes for that extra hydration. Each drink contains 80g of the energizing stimulant called Guayusa, a ground-breaking and certified organic source of caffeine. Guayusa provides a lasting energizing boost without the crashes and jitters associated with synthetic caffeine. 

Exceptional Taste

Watt Water® provides a range of exceptionally fresh core flavours. These flavours include Peach Blitz, Cherry Charge, Raspberry Rapids, Grapefruit Galore and Orange Overload. All our cube flavours are made with natural flavourings. The fruity flavour profiles of our drinks have been developed in close consultation with consumers, providing a wide range of tasty drinks that energize and hydrate. Watt Water® will be releasing additional flavours to its range in consultation with consumers, ensuring a wide selection of flavour options.   

Energizing Boost 

Watt Water® contains a high concentration of electrolytes. These are essential minerals that play a crucial role in maintaining overall health. They have various physiological functions within the body, including fluid balance, nerve function, muscle contraction, and pH regulation. Imbalances in electrolytes, such as dehydration or excessive loss through sweating, can lead to disruptions in these processes and have significant health implications. Watt Water® drinks also contain Guayusa, a certified organic caffeine, providing maximum energy and mental stimulation with minimum anxiety, agitation and crashes that are commonly associated with synthetic caffeine available in other products.

Endless Possibilities

By choosing Watt Water®, consumers retain full control over how they enjoy their energizing drinks. Watt Water® cubes can be dissolved in different quantities of water. While we recommend diluting our cubes in 500ml of water for the best experience, our cube format allows customers the freedom to decide their favourite level of flavour concentration. Customers can also choose to mix their Watt Water® cubes with flat or carbonated (sparkling) water to change the texture profile of their beverage. Our cubes can also be diluted in water and frozen to create refreshingly energizing lollipops. We’ll be publishing detailed recipes from our test kitchen about these endless possibilities. 

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